Terms and conditions of sale
Right of revocation
You can revocate the agreement according to the Danish Consumer Protection Act §17. The revocation limit.
The revocation time limit is 14 days.
The time limit is calculated from the day You have received the product or the first delivery.
You have according to The Danish Consumer Protection Act right to get a number of information inter alia the right of revocation and about the purchased product. The revocation time limit will not be in effect before you have received this information in writing (for instance on paper or e-mail). The time limit will on the other hand run out 3 months after You have received the product at the latest.
If you for instance receive the purchased Monday, the 1st and also have got the mentioned information you have limit until Monday the 15th. If you first have got the information later for instance Wednesday the 3rd, you have the limit until Wednesday the 17th. If the limit run out on a bank holiday, Saturday, Consitution Day, Chrismas Eve or New Years Eve you can wait to the following working day.
How do you revocate?
Before the termination of the revocation time limit you should return or restore the received to seller. It is sufficient that you within the termination of the time limit have handed over the received to postal service or any other company that has accepted the shipment to seller. If you wish to secure evidence that you have regreted in time you can for instance save the receipt that you have handed over the product to the postal service et cetera for the purpose of the shipment.
Unless any other is agreed you should pay the cost (postage(freight) at the return of the product. If the seller according to the agreement have delivered a subtistute, because the product as a whole could not be delivered, the costs at the return lies wth the seller.
Return address:
Hellerupvej 43A
2900 Hellerup
You can also revocate the agreement by refraining to receive the product or refraining to pick it up at the post office et cetera.
Conditions to revocate the agreement
As a main rule it is a condition that you can hand over the product in the significant same state and number as you received it.